Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nice Doggy

SO my son is officially a bully:)

This is him looking so so innocent, as if he has done nothing! 
Well...Momma has proof!
Exhibit A: This is my precious boy pulling Dukes ear. 
Now normally you would think "ohhh no big deal, big dog/small boy; the dog will be fine" 
Well not so much, Duke started yelping, i mean pleading for me to make the small boy child STOP!

Duke proceeded to crawl into my lap when i finally pried those chubby little hands off of Dukes ear. And for the rest of the night he stayed far far away from Gabe, he wanted nothing to do with him.

Look how nicely they can play together! Duke loves Gabriel. Always wanting to lick on him and sniff all of his little sweet body. 

I mean Gabriel can even stick his toes into Dukes eyes and he would just continue to lay there as if nothing had phased him....but, the ear pulling, now that was totally over the line.

JUST look at that face!!! How could Duke possibly stay mad or even sad at that face for longer than five seconds??  I mean I could just nibble on those cheeks right now!
On a side note: Gabe and I have been practicing saying "mamma"
He has perfected "dadda" and he can now say "babba" as in short for bottle
so now we just need to work on getting that "b" sound to be a "m" sound! 
I mean its never too early.....Right?


erinkern said...

Hey Pascha, your son is sooo cute! Congratulations!

abby coyle photography said...

he is so amazing. i don't know how you don't hold him & kiss him all the time! that first pic would make any girl melt!!

Kelsey and Evan said...

Pascha...Gabe is beautiful :) I love hearing about your precious life!

michelle said...

geez .... everyone is commenting on how cute he is! Did they totally miss the point that your son is a BULLY?!?! poor poor duke. you can just see it in his eyes that he is resigned to his position in life. poor buddy.


love love.

Martha said...

that is hilarious...duke's face in the pic where gabe's toes are totally in his eyes, so funny. i think i'm definitely more scared of duke than gabe is, you can tell who is in charge in their relationship :) can't wait to see him and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!