Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lent and Moving

Yesterday started the 40 day season of Lent. I realize that this is mostly acknowledged in the Catholic faith and tradition, and even though I am not Catholic, my brother in-law is and my husband loves and respects the faith and traditions of Catholicism, so we partake. 
Last year Carter fasted from food sun-up to sun-down....are you kidding me!!! I would be crying and nashing my teeth by the second day (which maybe that is a sign that I should do it, but we will work on that one for next year!) We are doing Lent together this year and we are both fasting from things that mean a lot to us.  So I am here to say that one of the things that I will be fasting from is the computer, from Monday to Friday for the next 40 days.  I think it will be really good for me; helping me to focus on what is important and the upcoming Easter Holiday.  I am allowing myself to get on the computer on the weekends, I figure if I give myself a little designated time that I won't be so prone to screw up and cheat!
Carter and I are excited to observe this time, we are excited for our children to grow up and for us to do it as a family, and most importantly I know that Carter is excited because for him it means that we are one step closer to the faith that he loves and believes in so whole heartedly!

So this is me and Gabe on the couch this morning at FIVE am... 
My poor little man has another ear infection and some sort of virus, I am taking him to the doctor this afternoon! I feel like such a bad mom, I mean he has already had so many ear infections and this is his second virus; what am i doing wrong???
I really would like to keep him healthy for a good solid month, but that just doesnt seem to be happening. WHOA is me :)

In other news we are moving tomorrow! I can not wait. It feels like this has been a long time coming, and I am so ready to get into our new house and make it our home! It is going to be a long weekend on top of an already v.e.r.y long week. With Gabe being sick, carter working 16 hour days (bless his heart!) and trying to get everything straightened out for the move, I may not make it out alive :)
If I do by chance make it out alive, I will try and post some pictures on Sunday!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Post Partum???

The past two weeks I have been crying all of the time.  This is no exaggeration, I cry every day and usually a few times a day.  I don't typically break down and sob but I have to fight back tears and anything can trigger it.  I mean am I having post partum NINE months later, or is there something emotionally wrong with me, I am definitely chemically off balanced or something. 
But this little man, reminds me every moment of every day of God's grace and His goodness, that He is never failing, completely merciful, and full of love.
I love this face, and I can not get enough of this little man!

SO I know that my little man is over nine months old, and therefore that means that I have had 9 months to get my body and my emotions back to normal....BUT seriously!!
My body is no where and I mean NO where back to normal, I still have weight to loose and when I look in a mirror it is not what I used to see.  And I  know that my body will probably never look the same, cause let's face it I did gain 60 pounds in a short period of time.... but PLEASE I wish I could just discipline myself a little more and just knock off those final pounds, very plural pounds!
  So I am MOST DEFINITELY stepping out on a limb here but this is me a few days before I gave birth to Gabriel, in all of my glory! And the funny thing is I actually miss it now.  I did not love being pregnant I was sick most of the time, but I am ready to do it again, I know I am crazy.