Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holidays and New Sleeping Schedules

Well our Thanksgiving was nice and uneventful! We spent Wednesday and Thursday morning at my in-laws and then Thursday evening at my families.  We really enjoyed being with everyone and Gabriel enjoyed all of the attention.  My family seems to be growing by the minute.  On Thursday evening there were so many babies and little kids running around (4 babies, and then 4 little kids yelling and running through the house:)) you couldn't help but sit back and just smile and think, "this is exactly how it is supposed to be." I love children, i love family, and I especially love it when all of us are together enjoying a holiday and being thankful for what we have!

So the past couple of nights Gabriel has been replaced by some other baby; that is the only way i know to explain it.  Gabe is now 7 months old, and for the past 7 months he has gone to bed by either nursing or being rocked for 5 minutes and passing out. Well that is not the case any more.  Now i end up having to rock him for at least an hour, and we are not talking about a peaceful quiet hour, OH NO, we are talking a screaming thrashing fit of an hour.  This is NOT my child; my little man is a sweet, mellow, peaceful little guy.  I don't know what is going on, but I am ready for my baby to return and this other little guy to leave! Any one have any ideas on how to achieve that, please i am listening!


Megan said...

oh my boys did the same thing to me when they were about 10 months. It broke my heart to stop rocking them, but it's what I was finally forced to do. I had never once put them in their cribs while they were still awake. I had always rocked them to sleep. But I started doing it, and they took to it. I guess they out grew rocking. I still miss it. Who knows if Gabe is anything like my twins, but there's my little bit of experience.

p.s. i love the pics on your blog. so cute.

Shan said...

is he teething??
am I a bad mom?? i don't rock Carsyn I always just lay her down and she talks to herself for a minute then she's out...

Martha said...

i like your new holiday background...quite the stylish blog i must say.

and i have no advice to give about little gabey...i'm learning things and saving up tips from you :)

can NOT wait to see you in a few days (and i do think it is perfectly appropriate to use "few" when i will be heading to ark in 13 days. that is definitely a few)

and i agree...i don't like not talking to you everyday like back in the good days of our youth. i think communication has been so cheapened these days. i mean some people have technology that is so fancy that anywhere they go on the globe they can be contacted. communication is almost too easy. SO whenever i do get to see your face and hug your shoulders (or torso or whatever, uhhhhh that sounds weird) it is so special!!!!! i love you too.

Pleasant Drive said...

Pascha, I do actually remember your face. I'm a little older than you, but you look familiar, all the same. My, you've made some big-time accomplishments in the past few years, haven't you? You have a beautiful family and I LOVE your pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Katie said...

Hey!! I hear you with the bedtime thing. Unfortunately, putting them down while they're still awake is the best thing. I rock Caleb at night, but only when he's burping, and I'm always sure that when he lays down, his eyes are still open. Sometimes he falls right asleep and sometimes he puts up a fight, but I know it's worth it in the end. Good luck!! Oh, and you look absolutely beautiful in those pics, by the way!!