Friday, January 23, 2009

sweet sick baby and honeymoon

So the above picture is of carter and me on the beach on our honeymoon.
It wasn't exactly the best or most romantic honeymoon in history, so this picture is one of the few that we have where we look like we are enjoying ourselves....allow me to explain!

First off (hopefully this won't offend anyone) the night of our wedding, while at the hotel, I started my period.  That was just the beginning of our glorious week together as newlyweds. So no big deal we could work past that, we got to the most beautiful place in the world, Seaside, FL and the first night my husband wakes up throwing up.  This lasted for about 2 days, he is a trooper so we still went to the beach and out to dinner even though he felt like death.  The night that he finally was feeling better I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up, I then proceeded to throw up for the next 24 hours with my beautiful husband and best friend by my side and holding my hair. What a wonderful way to enter into marriage.  So needless to say we were just ready to get home and to not be sick!  In the airport on the way home I began to feel like I needed to pee every 2 seconds and by the time we landed in OKC I felt like my bladder was on fire...come to find out I had a serious UTI! 
SO holy cow we would love to take another honeymoon in the near future, where we are both healthy and enjoying each other!

My sweet baby boy had a small fever yesterday afternoon when we got home from going to the grocery store.  I gave him some tylenol and he layed in my lap for the next 45 minutes just groaning and crying and in and out of broke my heart! He finally was aleep enough for me to put him down and he slept for around 45 minutes.  He woke up feeling better, so the rest of the evening went great.  
Then around 2:45 last night he woke up crying and I went in to check on him and he was burning up! I took his temp and it was around 102, so I gave him some more tylenol and a bottle of juice and then rubbed a washcloth over his body to cool him down.  He was up for the next 1 and a half hours and then finally calmed down and fell asleep.  
This morning he has a low fever, he wouldnt nurse but he isnt too fussy and he is napping now.
So is he teething or does he just have a virus???? 
I dont want my little gabester to be sick, ugghhhh i dont enjoy this part of mother-hood! 

Oh and sorry for this modge podge post BUT we bought a house!!! We are very excited and cant wait to move in the end of february, you are all invited to come over!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


SO we did it, we sold our home! And now we are about to make the big move into Norman, and we are very ready and very excited! We looked at homes on Tuesday and now we are going again today, I am a bit more excited about the homes that we are looking at today, they just seem like more bang for our buck :)

SO that is pretty much what is going on in our world, lots of changes, I dont even know how to begin to attempt packing up my house....THAT SCARES ME! Especially with an almost 9 month old rolling around and attempting to crawl around everywhere, I can no longer leave him in one place and expect him to still be there when i look back over in 30 seconds:) But I love him more and more everyday and I love this stage that he is in!

God is SO good!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas and Have a Cheerio

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks!

Visiting Santa for the first time!
Opening up Christmas presents with Nana...
Looking like a stud in his Christmas attire
Christmas morning with mamma and daddy
Playing with cousins, olivia and travis

Gabe chillin in his new chair with his cousin Elijah 

And I had to throw this in there, this is my AMAZING new vacuum...its a Miele if you dont have one seriously go buy one:)
And this is Gabriel's new jumparoo which he loves!

Hello my blog friends! I have taken quite the hiatus from all things "computer" these past 3 weeks.  Carter and I have both decided that having a child at Christmas makes a lot more work and not quite as much "play" as we are used to:)

We had a fabulous Christmas with lots of sweet family time, good food, and more gifts for Gabriel than that child will ever be able to fully appreciate!
Christmas Eve was spent with my grandparents.  This is a tradition in my family, we have dinner together, my grandfather tells a Christmas story, and then we open gifts! This year the younger kids are the only ones that opened gifts...there are far too many people in our family now for everyone to be opening presents, we would be there all night long.  It was a lot of fun to see all of my cousins with their babies and getting so excited about the new toys that their kids were receiving, it was a wonderful night! My family is so blessed
On Christmas morning Carter and I opened our gifts to each other. I have the most wonderful husband who got me a day at a spa, and I can not wait to go use it! I got him a Wii which he was not too excited about so we took it back and he got an xbox 360....who knew:)
Then we headed to my parents house to open gifts and to have our annual Big breakfast!

After spending a fabulous morning there we headed to Ft. Worth to carters side of the family!
We had a wonderful time and couldnt fit everything in our car that Gabriel received it was a bit ridiculous and next year there will have to be a limit! Lots of food was consumed and lots of loving on gabriel and playing the Wii, again we are so blessed by our families, God is so good

So we are very glad to be home, to be in our own beds and to have Gabriel back on his schedule of sleeping at nights and his naps! And we have discovered that my boy LOVES cheerios!!  I mean he is double fisting cheerios into his mouth, at times gagging himself, but non the less he is loving them. It makes me so sad to think about how much my boy is just 3 1/2 short months he will be turning a year old, and i can guarantee you that will be a day where the name weeping whaley (now Sanders) will be brought back!
I love my little man, and every day he brings more and more joy to carter and I...ohh and by the way my hubby has FOUR weeks off of work, much deserved and much appreciated i might add! So he still has 2 more weeks off and we are looking forward to spending lots of time with our little family!
I hope that you all had a merry Christmas and that you feel as blessed as we do!