Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Success AND Pictures

Well my day really did turn out to be a success!

I woke up this morning and packed Gabe in the car and headed for the grocery store.
I have been making his baby food, and i needed to pick up some more fruits and veggies to get us through the holidays so i wouldn't run out. So $75 dollars and a trunk full of good for you food later we were headed home.
Gabe went down for a nap as soon as we got home and my mom headed over to help me tackle my morning/afternoon of baby food making! A couple things on the menu were: butternut squash with chicken and apples/ potatoes with peas and onions/ strawberries, pears, and prunes/ and oatmeal, apples, and apricots!
We really did have a fun time making all of it, and not only can I rest easy knowing exactly what is going into my little man's tummy, but I saved quite a bit of money and I now have enough food in my freezer to last for about 6 weeks!
After we were done making food I started day one of my "dont be fat any more" diet and had a lean cuisine:) and then here comes the other successful part of my day......I took duke AND gabriel on a walk by myself! If you know my C.R.A.Z.Y boxer at all you would know that this is a huge feat! I loaded gabe in the stroller and put Duke on the leash and off we went for a nice 35 minute stroll around the neighborhood; and it went surprisingly well! I even talked on the phone to Shan while i was out!HA

So that was my successful day, not fun and exciting for some...But for me it was quite enjoyable and reminds me that I am so blessed and the Lord is good!

Now for the pictures, the wonderful Abby Coyle took our pictures a couple of weeks ago and I just got the cd in the mail today, they are really great, and if you are looking for a photographer in the okc area she would be a fabulous choice. (wow, i just used A LOT of adjectives:)

ok i cant figure out how to get my text to be at the top and my pics at the bottom any suggestions would be highly appreciated... not a successful part of my day:)

ohh and i will post pictures of the houses that we are looking at soon! 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Its Time

I figure I have done enough blog stalking over the past year that it is time for me to take the inevitable plunge!
I am excited to join the blogging world and to not just be an outsider looking in...
I can not wait to show all of you my sweet little boy and my amazing husband, let you know what is going on in our world, and keep up with friends and their lives!

We are getting ready to sell our house. I am pretty excited about it, we will be moving to Norman...can i hear a BOOMER SOONER!!!...and we really cant wait! BUT we are now swamped with doing some deep cleaning, packing, and continuing our daily lives of going to work and taking care of our little man. I will post some potential houses later, and maybe get some advice on which one looks like the best choice.

Until then I will leave you with a kiss from my little man:)