Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Journal

I don't know about you guys but if I am ever in a "prayer funk" I always go out and buy a new journal and hope that that does the trick.  I used to go to Barnes and Noble and spend way too much money on a new journal every 6 months or so just to give me a jump start.
Well I think that used to work when i was in HS and college but not so much anymore, now I have to be intentional about setting aside an hour to open up my bible and to spend some "quiet time" with Jesus. A new journal and a cool new blue pen :) just is not going to get me there any more.
But why and when did it become such a burden? Something that I have to TRY and do, why can it not just be something that I do everyday because I long for Him? And I do! I really do, and each day that I have with my sweet boy or my amazing husband I see more and more my desire and definite need of my Savior.  But why is that desire not enough to get me to do it?
It hurts my heart and is such a heavy burden to go a week or 2 without even cracking my bible or really devoting any time to prayer. And I know that I spend time during my day talking to Him and praying while I am rocking my precious son, but that is not enough.  I desire to long for Him as much as He longs for me!  
1 Timothy 4:7 "Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness."
SO in this advent and in the coming holiday, CHRISTMAS, I pray that we all would sit down each day.  That we would be in a spirit of prayer and realize our constant need for our Savior. That we would dwell on the reason for this beautiful season. 

The other day Carter and I were talking about how amazing that one day Christ was a small child.  He was no bigger than my son, He could not speak, He could not do things for Himself, and He relied totally on His mother, Mary.

What a beautiful picture to remember. He was born into a lowly manger; just a child, relying completely on His parents, and He was Christ our Savior. 

And of course here is my sweet boy. Thank You Jesus for my family and for my sweet boy, Gabriel!


abby coyle photography said...

That was so encouraging! I loved it. I'm right there with you! Oh and you could always do New Years photos of Gabriel?;) I think next shoot I want a photo with him! I seriously can't believe how fast he has grown. I'd be holdin that baby all I could!

Merry Christmas to you & your fam!!

erinkern said...

So true--it is disappointing to have to "try" to make that time, but somehow the time always escapes us. I, too, did the journal thing (thank you, Barnes and Noble), but you're right; it isn't quite enough these days. Thanks for the reminder to make that time.

Emma and Aaron Krueger said...

PASH,I am so glad that you have a blog. I just joined the wonderful world of blogging. You look absolutely beautiful. I miss you so much. It is so lonely out here in Vegas without a good girlfriend that really gets you and knows you. I hope this is a way we can chat more and keep up with each other. I hear you about the Journal. I do the same thing! Love you friend.

michelle said...

so the other night at our Christmas Candlelight Lord's Supper ... all I could think about was sweet sweet Gabe.

I had read this i guess a few days before and was just thinking about how beautiful Christ must have been as a baby. It makes you look at it in a completely different light.

i love you sweet friend.