Friday, January 23, 2009

sweet sick baby and honeymoon

So the above picture is of carter and me on the beach on our honeymoon.
It wasn't exactly the best or most romantic honeymoon in history, so this picture is one of the few that we have where we look like we are enjoying ourselves....allow me to explain!

First off (hopefully this won't offend anyone) the night of our wedding, while at the hotel, I started my period.  That was just the beginning of our glorious week together as newlyweds. So no big deal we could work past that, we got to the most beautiful place in the world, Seaside, FL and the first night my husband wakes up throwing up.  This lasted for about 2 days, he is a trooper so we still went to the beach and out to dinner even though he felt like death.  The night that he finally was feeling better I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up, I then proceeded to throw up for the next 24 hours with my beautiful husband and best friend by my side and holding my hair. What a wonderful way to enter into marriage.  So needless to say we were just ready to get home and to not be sick!  In the airport on the way home I began to feel like I needed to pee every 2 seconds and by the time we landed in OKC I felt like my bladder was on fire...come to find out I had a serious UTI! 
SO holy cow we would love to take another honeymoon in the near future, where we are both healthy and enjoying each other!

My sweet baby boy had a small fever yesterday afternoon when we got home from going to the grocery store.  I gave him some tylenol and he layed in my lap for the next 45 minutes just groaning and crying and in and out of broke my heart! He finally was aleep enough for me to put him down and he slept for around 45 minutes.  He woke up feeling better, so the rest of the evening went great.  
Then around 2:45 last night he woke up crying and I went in to check on him and he was burning up! I took his temp and it was around 102, so I gave him some more tylenol and a bottle of juice and then rubbed a washcloth over his body to cool him down.  He was up for the next 1 and a half hours and then finally calmed down and fell asleep.  
This morning he has a low fever, he wouldnt nurse but he isnt too fussy and he is napping now.
So is he teething or does he just have a virus???? 
I dont want my little gabester to be sick, ugghhhh i dont enjoy this part of mother-hood! 

Oh and sorry for this modge podge post BUT we bought a house!!! We are very excited and cant wait to move in the end of february, you are all invited to come over!


Meredith - proud mama of two said...

your rubbed a wash cloth on this body to "cook him down?" Dont you love those inadvertent blogging errors. They make me laugh, unless of course they are mine.

Shan said...

HA! Come take a Honeymoon here on the west coast!!

You take care of that little boy or I will be on a plane in one minute to rock him back to feeling better!!

Cannot wait to see your new house! I am so jealous!! But excited for you.

love you

danielle said...

you are such a good mom! you are going to have to teach me! AND i want to see your new house, i hear wonderful things! we are going to be nearly neighbors! wahoo!

Emma and Aaron Krueger said...

I remember you calling me on your honeymoon and telling me you were sick. I felt so bad for you and your new hubby but its a great memory now! I am sad that Gabe was sick. I hope he is feeling better. We booked our flights to come home in April so we will be hanging out for sure. Put it on your calendar! Love you and it was great to talk to you twice last week. What a treat!