Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I couldnt resist

I know I am cheating BUT I just couldn't not let you have a peak at the sweetest 10 month old in the world!!
He is trying to get a peak at our dog, Duke, whom he loves:)
More later....enjoy!


Shan said...

Good job on the photos!!! I love them and I love him and those sweet cheeks. He definitely has a lot of your features Pash... ;) Not just Carters

Emma Krueger said...

I love these photos. He is so stinking cute! I love that he loves the dog so much, the melts my heart!

jendarrah said...

I can't believe he is 10 months old, and I have never laid eyes on him! Soon, I want to meet this little one. He is stinkin' cute.

Miss y'all! I enjoy staying a little connected to y'alls lives from so very far away.

Much Love friend!

The Firestone's said...

Thanks!! It's always fun to follow new blogs!! Your son is beautiful (if you can say that about a boy :)

danielle said...

pascha! we need to get together soon! jackson has been asking to meet you! :) how is the new house?